Conflict Strength

Conflict strength measures the tension between cooperative and competitive incentives in experimental multi-issue negotiation tasks with the aim to facilitate research on conflict management and negotiation.

The conflict strength coefficient (CSC) can help scholars assess, interpret, compare, control, and manipulate experimental negotiation tasks.

Measuring conflict strength coefficients provides new insights into the central element of the experimental study of negotiation and conflict management, unmasks differences across existing tasks, and fosters research transparency and knowledge sharing.

This website offers scholars methodological advice how the conflict strength coefficient is computed. To further support scholars we soon will provide a calculator to compute conflict strength coefficients within minutes.

We constantly update a database of selected negotiation tasks from previous research for which we have already computed conflict strength coefficients.  You can also suggest your own or other negotiation tasks to be included in this database.

Finally, we share our datasets, insights, and methodological guidance for computing conflict strength coefficients of multi-issue negotiation tasks.

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